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Amy Lane Ilustration

As an illustrator I always strive to produce images filled with personality, to create something that truly represents you. Each bespoke design is hand drawn by me and unique to each couple, creating a wonderful way to add something extra special to your wedding day.
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Beija Flor Studio
Beija Flor Studio is a wedding stationery design studio run by designer and founder, Florence. Beija Flor Studio aims to create beautiful on trend wedding stationery for your special day. With a love of watercolour and illustration we create unique and striking modern wedding stationery for those who like something a little less traditional with a really personal touch.
Ruth Noonan logo

In-between juggling motherhood I love to pick up my pen and write beautifully. I would watch my step dad write, he never used a nib and ink but his style was always so mesmerising to watch. I guess he would be my inspiration.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been taught by renowned calligraphers and currently I work for both private and commercial clients. If you are interested in adding a lovely style, touch to any of your weddings, or if this is something you would love to learn to do then please get in touch.

Paper N Pen is an event writing service.Paper N Pen came about with the realization that words are the core of almost every event or party.It is easy to compliment the nicest dress in the room or spot a pair of brand shoes from across the room. A person’s outfit is always talked about during an event, along with the presentation of tables and how well flowers are arranged.However, on your way home, you conclude it is the speech, poem or even a song that was recited that moved us to inspiration. We forget, naturally, that we are more in tune with the voice carried and formed within.This is why Paper N Pen was formed; to help put a mark on events with words.We write speeches, poems, and vows for our clients who struggle to perfect their words.
And after the service is complete your speech, poem, or both will be printed on elegant paper and delivered to you in a gift box.

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